Why you need a website!

What you need to know

  • Offers an opportunity to provide your visitors with value
  • A website is your platform that can help share more than information with your visitors
  • It is often your first impression/experience with your visitor
  • Your website provides REAL (Relatable, Engaging, Accurate and Lasting) value

One of the most common questions I receive is “Do I really need a website?”.

With all of the technologies that are available and the different ways that we communicate the answer is not as straightforward as it used to be. Our previous assumptions were that a website was essential to share your information. While there is a strong argument to have a website, the website must not only present information but share value.  Static pages are not relevant and can actually hurt you. Inaccurate outdated information is a guarantee that your customers will not stay or return to your site. A website is the first impression about you and the value that you can provide them.

To determine if you should invest in a website, you must first establish your goals and if a website is an effective platform to reaching your goals and communicating with your audience.

It is true that most of our communications and time are spent on platforms like social media. This redistribution of focus results in web traffic being diverted to these platforms. Why? Because the information on these platforms is current and relevant. If you want to have visitors come to your site and stay, it is critical that you have current and relevant information that provides an engaging experience for your visitor. A website can provide a focused experience for your visitors highlighting your value. This is where social media falls short. A website is your space on the Internet that is controlled by you and tailored to communicate your specific message for your audience. A website is not only a marketing tool but it is a platform that can be used to create a unique experience for your visitor.  A visitor will determine within seconds if you are worth the read/visit. Not only must your website showcase your products or service it must contain current and relevant content that provides your visitors with REAL (Relatable, Engaging, Accurate and Lasting) value.

Relatable content must solve a problem a visitor is having or be able to speak to your visitor’s story. This is not the information that makes a sale but helps the visitor determine how you align with each other.

Engaging content must provide the visitor with an experience. Items of value can include helpful information, DIY instructions, or digital content such as an ebook.   These artifacts provide an experience for your visitor and showcase how you can be of service to them.

Accurate content included information that is timely, current and true. A website is not a place to embellish or create inaccurate stories. A website is a place where you can establish trust with your visitor.

Lasting value on your site defines leaving your visitor with an impression. The goal if your website should help the visitor remember you help you establish your unique contributions that you can share.

If you are selling goods and services it is likely that you will need to use both social media and a website to share your message.  The core of the issue is that the way we use websites has evolved. There are no longer the only ways that we establish a presence on the Internet but they are still very relevant.  Consider the value and uses of a website and what your visitors may be looking for.

  • Information
  • Services
  • Purchasing of goods or services

Components of a successful website

  • Provides REAL value to anyone for Free
  • Provides an understanding of the services or product offered
  • Converts visitors to customers
  • Should be a resource and hub to connect your other platforms

When thinking about how you can create a website experience consider the following questions:

  • How do you want the visitor to feel?
  • What do you want them to remember you?
  • How can you provide REAL value on your site?
  • How can you provide an experience on your website?

Designing your website with these questions in mind you effectively use your website to create a unique and effective platform to share your narrative and deliver a valuable service to the community.


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